Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Im a Wifey

First things first, take a look at the title of my blog. Notice something? That's right, the "(almost...)" part has officially been removed. Now the blog is just called "The North Carolina Newlyweds" and I have one word: Hollaaaaaa! Needless to say our wedding weekend was nothing short of magical. Between the place, the people, and the positive support, we could not be more thrilled. Memories were made, love was shared, and dance moves conquered the night. I would not have changed one thing.

Now that we are back in our North Carolina cottage I have been busy getting us settled once again. We have a lot of people that love us and with that love comes a lot of awesome wedding gifts. It took me 2 full days to break down boxes and unpack. Just as I finished, we hopped in the car to spend Thanksgiving with Andrew's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins in Virginia Beach. I had never been to Virginia Beach and it was a lot of fun to explore a new spot (always a top activity in my book) and to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by such an amazing family. The Sciortino's definitely made it a weekend to remember. We tried new food, saw the sights, watched movies, and went on quite a few double dates with Aunt Holly and Uncle Pat. All in all, I am so grateful that we decided to make the drive (even though it meant getting back in the car once again).

So, now we are back home and back to somewhat of a normal routine. Andrew is back to work and I have been busy writing a million thank you cards to all of our amazing friends and family. Last night we put up some lights outside and turned our little cottage into a magical, twinkling, love shack.

I have also jumped back on the soup train, which makes me very happy. A few of our friends were nice enough to buy us some much needed soup supplies, like a hand held blender (that I can use directly in the pot, instead of transfering ingredients to a blender and back) and we also scored a life changing Magic Bullet set. In addition, I got a brand new soup cook book that rocks my world. I have already made two new kinds of soup from scratch. Here is one of the most recent finished products (Tuscan Tomato Basil):

Furthermore, I am very excited to announce that I have been getting into sewing more and more each day. My next post will include some of my projects!