Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Long Time, No See

Hello! After a long break, I am back! Sorry for the delay. Between New Year's Eve festivities and a trip home to Texas, I neglected my post responsibilities. But I am here again and eager to show off some new treasures. This past weekend Andrew and I went on a little date to Albemarle. We hit up a flea market and had dinner at our favorite spot, Off the Square. We had visited the flea market once before and were taken back by the amount of space and booths. It is a task to simply walk around one full time! Last time we were there I scooped up my blue vintage suitcase, so I knew that I would most likely find a few surprises to bring home. Andrew and I entered the market with an open mind and decided that we were going to be very conscious about our purchases. He even made me make a list before picking anything up! If we liked something, we added it to the list and then revisited it at the end of the tour. That way we could easily decipher between the objects we liked vs. LOVED. Sooo, here are the things that we LOVED and brought home with us:

First off, I found these super rad horse head bookends for $20:

So random and awesome, right?! They are made out of medium-weight porcelain and have a shiny, glorious finish. I found them tucked away on a shelf in one of the many booths. As soon as our eyes met, I knew they were coming home with me. I love all things odd and these two new family members make me very happy!

For whatever reason, I also fell in love with this squirrel/nut candy dish that I got for $1.50:

Obviously, the squirrel is supposed to be sitting on a nut...but doesn't it kinda look like a brain? Perhaps this makes me love it even more. Either way, I am digging the fact that it is actually quite tacky. I don't mind a bit of tackiness, as long as the piece is still well made and looks like it has a story to tell. I think this little squirrel on a nut will make a fine friend.

Andrew and I also seemed to like a lot of various trays this trip. Andrew found this really cool, rooster tray made out of tin:

We are going to hang it in our kitchen, maybe above the stove. Andrew also wins the "Most Awesome Find" award after he dug up this little gem last minute:

I don't remember the exact price we paid for this beautiful hand painted, wooden tray, but I know it was well under $10. Andrew loves collecting anything with a ship motif and he was psyched to bring home this piece of art.

I also found a little tray that spoke to my heart. I picked up this mint green, vintage tray:

This would look lovely on a desk holding some candles, or picture frames. Or it could be used on a side table to hold jewelry. I might even hang it on the wall for added decor. Either way, it is definitely sweet and I got to bring it home for $3.

Andrew and I are planning on keeping the trays for our own entertainment. But I am going to add the horse bookends and squirrel candy jar to my items to be sold. I am planning on adding more and more to my collection of all things weird and vintage in hopes of opening an Etsy page very soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. I love the vintage mint floral tray!!! AND the bookends! Great finds! LOVEEEE!!