Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oy, I have been terrible about updating recently. I sorta fell into a blog slump and I greatly apologize. Today I took some time to brainstorm and seek inspiration. Then it occurred to me, what better place to start than my own home! I love our house. Most days I look around and think to myself, "I love this house and all of our meaningful collections." With that being said I decided to take some more pictures of pretty things around our home. I have been adding some decor here and there since we have been home from the wedding (we came home with a lot of feathers, birds, branches, and moss...) and I thought I should share.

I also got some more art put up in the second bedroom. The three bird themed pieces were also used at the wedding and now they have a permanent home next to Frida.

As you can see, I have been able to put some of our supplies to good use. I really like how the vases turned out with the branches and feathers. Hopefully Andrew can help me put up shelving in the second bedroom this weekend, so that I can create a few more. I have also been busy recycling the large amounts of lace we brought back with us. Some of the pieces were turned back into curtains and some of them are becoming stitching accents. In other words, I have been using cut out patterns of lace to jazz up some boring old sweaters and shirts. Here is the first one I finished:

This was a simple black shrug that I have had forever. I love the idea of reinventing it with the special detail of lace. I am doing the same thing with a few other shirts/sweaters; I'll post upon completion.

Yesterday I also explored a new DIY project. One of my favorite blogs had a post about using wax from old candles and pine cones to create scented "fire-starters." Basically, you melt down wax from old candles and then dip the pine cones. When you are finished you have a delightful way to start a fire at home, complete with aromatherapy benefits. Here are some pictures that capture the process.

First, I melted some old wax and added in some drops from my fav essential oils:

Then I lined up my pine cones for dipping:

After dipping in the melted wax, I have a beautifully frosted and scented pine cone:

Easy and cool. It did get a bit messy, but I remembered to put foil down before, which totally helped.

I think these would make a great gift! Imagine how pretty they would look wrapped in some wax paper and tied with a festive ribbon. Andrew and I are going to try one tonight in our little fire pit. I will let you all know how it goes!

(Follow this link for a more detailed tutorial:


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