Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Put Some Pretty In Your Day

I've decided to take some time to showcase some of the pretty things around me. The best part about said pretty things is that they are all thrifty finds. I love treasure hunting at Goodwill, yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, and consignment stores. Andrew and I built our entire wedding around second hand finds, which added so many elements of magic and whimsy! But why wait for a special occasions to roll around? I like including unique and thoughtful details in our everyday lives. So, with that being said, I thought today I would highlight some of the plates we have gathered from various Goodwills over the last year or so. We decided that we wanted to mix and match vintage porcelain plates for our wedding guests to enjoy. We asked our families to keep an eye out and before long we had the most amazing collection of interesting plates. Wanna know the best part?! All of them were priced between $0.99-$2.00ish dollars. I can't believe some of the plates people parted with! After the wedding we brought A TON back with us to use everyday. I love sitting down for dinner each night and having something really pretty to eat on. Check out some of my favorites.

These look great mixed and matched for everyday use, but I was also thinking about turning some of them into serving/display platters. I have two light pink goblets (also a Goodwill find, via my Mother-in-Law) that would make the perfect serving platter base.

I could attach the goblet to the plate using super glue, or epoxy. Aaand voilĂ ! I'll have a really special serving platter that cost almost nothing to make! LOVE.

You can find many more examples like this out in blogland. So simple and chic. It would be perfect to display treats at a holiday party, or even just your regular ol' rolls at dinner.

That is all the pretty I have for you today. Check back all week, though! I have many more things I want to show you.


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