Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Week Anniversary

Tomorrow makes two weeks in our new home. We have settled in quite nicely and made some vast improvements to the house. The house itself is in great condition, it just needed some paint and some TLC. Andrew also discovered some left behind patio furniture behind our barn. He spray painted a love seat and some matching chairs and now they look cool enough to work inside until we find an interesting sofa. Check out some of the finished product!

Andrew did an awesome job building the headboard in our room. The wooden mirror was originally part of an old dresser that belonged to my mom. It turned out super cool. We put my new/old vanity in the guest bedroom, since I took the closet in there. When we don't have guests, this space with serve as my 'dressing room'. I am in love with the antique vanity! We found it in this amazing shop in downtown Concord. We are calling it an early birthday present.

We could not be more happy with how everything turned out. We are going to continue to make some more changes slowly, like building bench seating in the kitchen and adding a really interesting sofa to the mix. But as for now we are beyond comfortable and feeling right at home. We actually already made new friends! Last Sunday we ventured into Locust to find a place to watch football and happened upon Tailgators. The spot looked bumpin', so we decided to give it a whirl. We could not have made a better decision. The place was packed with awesome old dudes watching the games and drinking beer. We quickly became the topic of discussion and could not finish a beer without one of our new friends buying another round. The group of guys have been friends for years and each of them live in and around the same area. They like to ride their motorcycles to the bar and invited us out to drink moonshine any time we like. That sounds like a winning combo to me! Needless to say, everyone has been more than welcoming and currently I am writing this post at Tailgators, once again surrounded by our new friends.

That's all I can do for now! I am distracted by the football games and people. But I promise we are getting Internet tomorrow (for real this time) and I will update asap!


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