Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Man's Heart Away From Nature Becomes Hard"

Today was the best day. Andrew and I ventured to Morrow Mountain State Park outside of Albemarle to hike and scope out the surrounding lakes and rivers. It is definitely one of the most beautiful state parks I have ever visited. The park road leads up the mountain, winding and winding, surrounding you with vivid scenes of raw nature. When you are finally spit out at the top, you're overlooking a valley of wonder. Andrew and I enjoyed a little lunch before we hit the trails and took a moment to enjoy the view. Once we started out on our hike we were quickly led into an amazing forest consisting of all different types of trees and growth. Some of the trees appeared to be young and blossoming, while others looked filled with ancient history. I especially loved how all the trees seemed to be perfectly spaced out. It looked like a illustration. After we finished our hike we got back in the car and drove down to the waterfront and fishing areas. This is when we stumbled upon the most enchanting forest I have ever seen. It looked like something out of a magical storybook. I swear I was waiting for a forest nymph/hobbit/faun to appear in the path. Words cannot describe how green and alive everything looked. There were also the most interesting vines growing around the trees and covering the path. I wanted to live there forever.

After we left the enchanted forest we headed back towards Albemarle and found a flea market called "One Man's Junk..." taking place near town. Of course I made Andrew pull over "just to look" :) What can I say, Round Top is happening this weekend and I was feeling a little left out. Needless to say, this flea market was AWESOME! Inside the building they had a booth system set up and I think most of that stuff stays there all the time. Outside, however, is where the magic was taking place. There was more of a yard sale vibe happening and the prices were ridiculous. A gold ornate mirror immediately caught my eye, since I have been wanting one to hang in our newly painted bathroom. Our bathroom is quite small, so I thought a really cool decorative mirror (in addition to the regular one) would open up the space a bit. Well, I found the perfect addition. I asked the guy next to the mirror how much he wanted and he said "uugghhh like 5 bucks?" I'll take it! Woohoo. The same guy also had an amazing collection of vintage luggage, i.e. YUM. I have also been keeping my eye out for the perfect vintage suitcase to turn into a little chair for my vanity. He sold it to me for $3! Heaven! Here are some pics of the mirror, the suitcase, and a finished suitcase chair:

Like I said, it was the best day! xoxo

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