Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunshine is Delicious

The weather has been beautiful. On Saturday Andrew and I ventured out into the sunshine and traveled to Salisbury, NC to check out some of the various stores. We went in search of some thrifty finds, unfortunately, Salisbury is a lot of talk and no action. They claim to have some of the best shopping in North Carolina, but I am going to give them a big ol' SIKE. The goods were average and the prices were high. Lame-O. We still managed to find a few items to bring home (one of the consignment stores had some awesome/cheap fabric to offer) however, I think I will stick to the antique stores in Concord and Albemarle for my treasure hunts.
Here are a few of the items that made the trip home with us:

I found the awesome 70's inspired throw at the last consignment store we visited and couldn't resist for $2. I also found some white material that I am going to use to make the furniture suitcase chair and some stretch/lace/aqua/green material to make my mermaid tail for Halloween. All in all I walked away with everything for around $6. The awesome 70's inspired boho velvet bag I found in another random store earlier in the day. I couldn't resist the color and material combo. Andrew brought to my attention that the purse I carried that very day was made out of the same material. The small purse I carried inside that bag (to serve as my wallet) was also made out of the same material. Andrew's response, "you are like a Russian nesting doll of velvet bags" and I realize this now. Ah well. I have cool velvet-esq bags, shoot me.

On another note, did I mention how beautiful the weather has been? I am currently sitting on the floor, with the doors open. Check out the scenery:

I can't wait to get out there and run later. The leaves are changing and I have witnessed some of the most powerful shades of red. I will try to remember to stop and take a picture later and post them in my next entry.

Go and enjoy the day!


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